Are you ‘Living in a box?’

Are you ‘Living in a box?’

21 February 2022

So many of us are living in a ‘box’ , not a physical ‘box’, a metaphorical box that we, sometimes, unknowingly find ourselves in.

These ‘Boxes’ are created within society,  communities, friendship groups, families,  partnerships and mostly ourselves. They set expectations on how you live your life, who you should be, how you should behave and what you are able to achieve.

They can make you feel safe and protected, feel loved and accepted, can bring you support, guidance, trust and reassurance within your life and it feels like you can take on the world.

There is a flip side……some ‘boxes’ make you feel that you don’t know who you are, what you are about, where you are going in your life and make you feel held back or stuck because you cant move forward. It feels heavy and can you feel all sorts of unwanted emotions and think unhelpful thoughts.

Whatever this ‘Box’ means to you, its ok to have one, its also ok not to have one, its also ok, like me, to have more than one. It may be external or it may be internal. Its yours to have, if it is right for you.

The message that I am sharing with you all is live your life with your values, morals, your passions and desires, don’t let anyone or anything define who are you that’s holds you back from being YOU!.

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