Goal setting using NLP

Goal setting using NLP

3 September 2021

As humans, our bodies and our minds are designed for growth and development, both mentally and physically.

In our younger years, we are unconsciously learning all the time, from seeing, hearing and modelling through experiencing different events in our lives.

We learn how to walk by watching others and building strength within our bodies, we learn how to talk by listening and watching others engaged in conversation.

In adulthood, we continually strive for growth and development, within both our personal and professional lives. We watch people, listen to people and say to ourselves, ‘I wish I could do that’ or ‘I wish I had that’. What we observe and recognise in others behaviours or achievements is a reflection on what we can do too!

We set ourselves New Year resolutions

We set ourselves life and career goals.

We set ourselves financial goals.

We set ourselves goals of where we want to be in 5 years’ time….and the list goes on.

So, let me ask you this……what stops you from achieving your goals?

Are you saying things like……?

Didn’t have time.

Nobody helped me.

I am never going to be able to do that or have that.

I have never achieved anything in my life so why bother?

I don’t deserve it.

Let me share something with you that I was taught during my journey of personal growth which resonated with me in experiences of setting goals.

The probability of achieving your goal.

10% if you have an idea.

40% if you decide to do it.

50% if you plan to do it.

65% if you promise someone else you will do it.

95% if you take responsibility and have accountability.

Achieving your goal doesn’t just happen, things rarely just fall in your lap, you have to think it, feel it, believe it, believe in yourself and TAKE ACTION!

There are many different techniques and templates to use when setting yourself goals, SMART Targets, GROW Model, logical levels of change, and many others.

The key thing is that your goal has a positive outcome, for you, the people around you, the environment around you and that it meets your values.

In being successful when setting yourself goals ask yourself these simple questions….

What is it that I actually want to achieve?

Can I see, hear, feel and believe that I can achieve this?

How will I know that I have achieved this?

Where am I now in achieving my goal?

What skills and talents do I have to achieve my goal?

What options or opportunities are available to me?

Can this be done by me? Is it possible? Am I responsible for making this happen?

Do I really want this and what does achieving this goal mean to me?

Your goals need to be achievable outcomes that are positive, clear, you believe that you can, and you can see, hear, and feel the positive impact when you achieve your this.

Remember Your unconscious mind is there to protect you, to keep you safe, therefore you need to give your unconscious mind clear and precise direction, you need to bring your goal alive as if you have achieved this already for your unconscious mind to have ‘proof’ that it can be possible.

100% focus on the positives and your will continue to do more, learn more and achieve more.

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