I cant do it

I cant do it

3 September 2021

I am wondering how many times you hear your child saying ‘ I can’t do it and how many times you respond ‘oh yes you can, don’t be so silly’

We know as adults that they may not be able to do right now, but eventually, they will.

We have to learn skills to be able to do things or have the confidence/ resilience to try and complete the task

What is our child telling us?

They are telling us that they are feeling overwhelmed, they can’t focus, they have other things on their mind etc

Our job as a therapist, parent or carer is to help your child to unlock their inner resources, that we are all born with, to achieve their goal.

And this is how to do ….

  1. Focus on the task in hand- remove distraction, have they got all the things they need, is the environment suitable for them
  2. Break it down into smaller steps and focus on the skills that they do have -this will build confidence and show progress
  3. Sometimes it can be quite stressful, lighten the situation by using questions to trigger different thoughts, if they have a favourite character/ sports Person – what would they do if they had this problem? If you could make a machine to solve this problem what would the machine need to do?


The key element of this is to share with your child that if they focus on what they can’t do, this is all that they will think feel and believe.

Enabling your child to focus on the skills they already have, and how they can transfer these skills, talents or qualities to their current task will build your child’s, resilience, confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

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